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Tips to Transform Your Routine

Follow these expert tips below to elevate and protect your skin from the elements as well as offer a gentle layer of goodness under any of your favorite makeup products. These tips will save you time and money on paying for outside beauty treatments. Our ingredients will give you better results, with less effort and more loving and gentle care to your skin.


Tip 1: Perfect your foundation

Use any of our Whipped Body Butters right after you wash your face for a perfect and light-weight moisture seal before you put on your favorite foundation. Here we put on our Mango Whipped Body Butter and then layered with a light cream foundation for the perfect natural look and skin protecting aromatherapy.


Tip 2: Prevent Chapped Lips Like the Pros

Use any of our Whipped Body Butters on your lips alone for a light scent and shine. You can also pair under your favorite lipstick to keep your lips from drying out while you're rocking your fabulous colors.


Tip 3: Be Kind to Yourself and Others

The most important beauty routine is compassion for yourself and others. When you take the time to treat yourself well, you will have more capacity to treat others well. No routine is truly complete without caring for the heart.

Author: Francia Telesford, ACSW, CLE, PMH-C, Founder Gracelamp Wellness

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