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Purposeful Affirmations

I was writing some affirmations for myself the other day and it really amped me up and allowed me to get back into the mindset of remembering who I am. I encourage you ladies to take some time every so often and start by writing down the thing that upset you or is upsetting you… but write down the flip side of it which is a positive affirmation that you are claiming for yourself. This post was originally for my private women’s group but it was too good not to share. I was thinking about my time working under racist leadership as an ambulatory social worker at my old hospital job and how hard I worked for that job and all the things I did and created for them. Sometimes I still look back and feel angry about it but I know that it was a catalyst for all the amazing things that I’ve been allowed to step out with on my own. So here is one affirmation that stood out for me that I wrote myself:

My seat was taken…. I OWN THE BUILDING.

I’ve had so many great opportunities seek me out because I decided to bet on myself and take control of my purpose to heal women and moms. Being invited to GUESS, Anthropologie, connecting with LA Chamber and so many other spaces that seemed so big and outside of the scope of what I thought I could do are just a few examples of what it looks like when someone tries to exclude you but you were meant for more anyway. I can do a whole other post on this but, let me tell you there is no limit to the goodness that is actually meant just for you! I’ve only just started and there’s so much more in store for me and for you!

What is your affirmation/ flip/ encouragement for yourself as you go into this weekend and into a new month? Big or small, take your situations and allow yourself to notice the victory you have over them.

With love,


Owner/ Founder Gracelamp Wellness

Author: Francia Telesford, ACSW, CLE, PMH-C, Founder Gracelamp Wellness

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