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"Exploring the Art of Mindful Living: Embracing Beauty in Your Everyday Surroundings"

Mindfulness is the practice of slowing down and intentionally noticing things around you. It can include colors, scents, noises, and sensations. While I was taking a walk in my backyard, I decided it would be a good time to enjoy and slow down a bit before I got into the business of the day. Mindfulness and taking note of the goodness in your daily life is so great for motherhood self-care.

As I took some time in our yard, I noticed how beautiful and calming my strawberry and mint plants were. I got excited thinking about how beautiful and healthy they looked and reminded myself of how I felt when I first planted our strawberries. At that time, I was waiting for what felt like forever for the harvest. As I reflected back, I started noticing how delighted and surprised I was when I saw the first actual strawberry and also learning how cool the plant is and how its vines jump and make new little plant babies. I started out with six plants in two little sections and then they took over the whole area and just made so many new plants season after season. I had to prune the dead leaves and also take note of the new vines looking for soil and how in the hotter times we needed to add more water and when the plant was at its best the leaves would stick straight up like they are now. The strawberries were planted in 2021 and they were one of my first attempts at gardening. It felt so good in present day as I stopped my walk and started looking at how green and vibrant the leaves were as they swayed in the wind; the fact that we’ve been able to keep them thriving while some parts died off and others made new versions of themselves is a testament to patience and love. In the picture below you can see a little strawberry peeking through. Also notice the white flowers which will also soon become strawberries themselves.

Mint is another plant my husband added this year. It started out as just a few and now they have grown so much too and are standing up so tall and full. In church there is often a reference to seed time and harvest time. Plants in nature are such a great metaphor for how we have to wait and yet that doesn’t mean that things aren’t in the process of thriving. We all have seasons just like plants. Sometimes it’s time to plant, sometimes it’s time to watch, water and wait, sometimes we need to prune, and sometimes it’s time to harvest. Take a look at how our mint is doing in the picture below.

If we follow the flow of nature, we can allow ourselves to find more peace and settle into the natural flow of growth which often includes waiting and noticing what is needed as we make room for new things. Be gentle to yourselves my friends. Be mindful, be consistent, and know that each and every stage is a part of your journey. Share this with a friend who could use some encouragement to slow down today.

With love,


Author: Francia Telesford, ACSW, CLE, PMH-C, Founder Gracelamp Wellness

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