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Curban on Curban: The Power of Self-Confidence and Audacity

Yeah Glo! 📢 Yeah (insert your name)📢. I love this song so much. I love the story and journey of rap artist GloRilla in this music video and how she’s basically taking to her past self and as she is literally in her “glow up” era and encouraging herself to keep going because there is better ahead. It is a simple call to action yet, she has so much audacity and self-confidence to not only be herself but believe that the truest form of herself is good enough. There has been talk making fun of her accident and how she pronounces things before and now everyone is so enamored with her pronunciation of the word Cuban. In fact, it’s many people’s including my own favorite part of the song. “Curban on Curban”!! I feel so excited for this woman's example and her boldness to be herself, come into a setting where women are often judged harshly, and succeeding simply by being who she is and knowing that is more than good enough.

So, what does this tell us about ourselves as we are possibly struggling with different things and not feeling confident with who we are or the stage that we are in? Maybe you need to write an encouragement letter to yourself, or better yet your own rap lyrics and perform them in the mirror to yourself Issa Rae style! As a matter fact, maybe I should take my own advice… stay tuned on that.

The message I really want to get across to you all is that it’s so important to be your own biggest cheerleader. Have the ABSOLUTE AUDACITY to believe you deserve that position, that you are the best mom, that you already have and will absolutely get the things you are hoping and praying for. Allow yourself to win in your own head until it comes to fruition. That inner critic is the biggest battle that most of us have to win. I am talking to you all and to myself. Gracelamp Wellness wouldn't even be here if I didn't have the audacity to turn my pain into purpose. It surely wouldn't continue without the daily and weekly hype ups I give myself during the normal ups and downs of being a small business owner. Whatever your dream or desire, get it!

With love,


Gracelamp Wellness

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